Youth Resources

Whether you are in school, have finished or left school, Workforce Solutions Texoma can help you plan your future. Through local resources and Texas Workforce Commission’s programs, we are able to offer a number of tools to help you identify a career path based on your personal interests and abilities and the changing job market.

Employability Skills/ Career Resources

Workforce Solutions Texoma offers a number of resources to help you prepare for your career. In today’s competitive job market, it’s important to stand out. The following resources are intended to provide ideas, and examples on how you can start your career preparation.


Labor Market & Career Information Tools

Texas Reality Check Texas On Course Traitify Jobs Yall
Texas Career Check Texas LMI ONet Work In Texas

Additional Assistance for Youth Customers

Workforce Solutions Texoma provides services to Youth Customers to help them stay in high school, complete their High School Equivalency (GED), attend employment-related training, and find employment. These services are provided through our local Workforce Centers and include:

  • Work Experience Opportunities
  • Responsibility & Leadership Skills
  • Tutoring & Study Skills
  • Training Opportunities
  • Mentoring
  • Career Planning

You may qualify for Workforce Solutions Texoma’s Youth Services if you meet all of the following criteria:

  1. You are between the ages of 16-24,
  2. You are Low-Income,
  3. You are a U.S. Citizen,
  4. Registered with Selective Service (males 18 and over),
  5. And if you have significant barriers to employment including, but not limited to
    • Disability
    • Low literacy skills
    • School dropout
    • Homeless, runaway, or foster child
    • Pregnant or parenting
    • Offender
    • Foster Care Youth or
    • require additional assistance to complete an educational program, or to secure and hold employment (This includes a youth with a disability).

Call or visit your local Workforce Center and ask for our youth career specialist for more details.

Having the right skills is an important part of getting a good job. One way of gaining these skills is by actually working. Workforce Solutions Texoma helps provide eligible young people with a wide variety of work experience opportunities. Work experience opportunities vary in a number of different ways including when and where the participating young people will work.

Work Experience is provided based on the availability of funding.  As part of a comprehensive program, Workforce Solutions Texoma offers those Work Experience opportunities for eligible youth throughout the year.

Work experience opportunities are provided at both public sector (governmental entities, nonprofit organizations, schools, etc.) and private sector (for-profit companies) sites. Young people participating in work experience are assigned to supervisors specially trained to help teach them appropriate work habits and job skills.

Call or visit your local Workforce Center and speak with our youth career specialist for more information about work experience opportunities.

There are a lot of good jobs available in the Texoma area; however, making the right choice for you means selecting a career with expanding job opportunities and good wages. Workforce Solutions Texoma keeps up with the hottest careers and can provide Labor Market Information to help you make your career choice. However, Federal legislation will only allow Workforce Solutions Texoma to provide training assistance in these targeted fields.

There are many factors involved in identifying your best training match. One of the most important factors is your interest in a particular job. Workforce Solutions’ professional staff can help you identify your preferred interests, suggest matching jobs, then help you find the training program that best fits your needs.

After you have completed high school, or obtained your High School Equivalency (GED), you may want to consider additional training, and Workforce Solutions Texoma may be able to help. Workforce Solutions Texoma also provides job-placement assistance at the completion of training.

Today’s employers are looking for employees who are self-motivated and can lead others. Learning to be responsible for yourself and to lead others can mean a huge difference in the type of work you will ultimately do. Workforce Solutions Texoma provides a variety of activities designed to teach leadership, communication, and problem solving skills. Team training opportunities allow young people to gain confidence in themselves and others.

Call or visit your local Workforce Center and ask for our youth career specialist for more details.

Workforce Solutions Texoma knows how important it is for young people to succeed in school. As the skills demand increases, students often find they need a little additional help grasping important concepts and can benefit from the help of a tutor. Tutoring is available in all three counties. Find out more by calling or visiting your local Workforce Center and ask for our youth career specialist.

Many of the most successful people in the world say at least part of the reason for their success is because someone helped them along the way – a “Mentor”. Workforce Solutions Texoma can help young people find a mentor to provide advice and guidance gained from real-world experiences.

For more information on how you can find a mentor to help you become successful in life, call or visit your local Workforce Center and ask for our youth career specialist.

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