Workforce Solutions Texoma

Workforce Solutions Texoma provides employment related services to companies and job-seekers in Cooke, Fannin and Grayson Counties.

Companies can benefit from job-matching services, labor market information, access to training grants, and other services.

Job Seekers can access job leads, career information, assistance with training or child care, and other services.

Individuals with Disabilities can seek assistance through Texas Workforce Solutions Vocational Rehabilitation (TWS-VR) staff.  TWC-VR services are available for adults to help prepare for, obtain, retain or advance in employment and for youth & students to help prepare for post-secondary education and employment opportunities.

With specialized services for adults, youth, those who have lost their jobs and resources to assist individuals with disabilities, Workforce Solutions Texoma has the answer.

Workforce Solutions Texoma’s Workforce Centers are Open.  Center phone numbers, address, and hours are located on our Contact Us page. 

The health and safety of our customers, staff, employers, partners, and community members is of utmost importance to us. We are closely monitoring news reports and guidance issued by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Governor Abbott’s COVID-19 Strike Force, our local public health officials, and government agencies to stay informed and responsive to a rapidly developing situation. We are taking the following steps in response to the spread of COVID-19:

  • Providing guidance to staff on recommended health and safety practices.
  • Providing information and services to job seekers, employers, early childhood programs and parents virtually via:
    • web chat,
    • telephone,
    • online tools and services located throughout this website,
    • Facebook, Twitter, and other Social Media sites, and
    • through in-person customer visits to our offices.
  • In our Workforce Centers:
    • Requiring masks for all staff and customers
    • Requiring social distancing
    • Installation of sneeze guards between computer workstations
    • Daily staff screenings
    • Regular cleaning/disinfecting of all high-touch surfaces and equipment
  • Offering both virtual and in-person Hiring Events and Job Fairs
  • Following additional health and safety protocols that promote social distancing and meet other state and local COVID-19 guidelines.

As new information is released, we will continue to make adjustments and stay in close communication with staff and customers.

COVID-19 Quick Links

General Resources

Community Resources

Employer Resources

Provider Resources

If you are affected by a layoff or work stoppage due to COVID-19, please visit our Jobs and Careers – Unemployment Insurance page for a detailed overview of how to apply for Unemployment Insurance with the Texas Workforce Commission’s Unemployment Benefits Services (UBS).

Work Search Requirement has been reinstated

The Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) reinstated work search requirements.  Currently, in Texoma, weekly work searches are required for everyone receiving unemployment benefits as follows:

  • Grayson County:  3 work searches per week
  • Fannin County:  3 work searches per week
  • Cooke County:  2 work searches per week.

Cares Act Funding Ends Support to Claimants

The Texas Workforce Commission has recently announced that the CARES Act funding will close on December 26, 2020.  View the full Press Release here:

Workforce Solutions Texoma have staff available to assist claimants in their job search efforts.  Please contact our center through e-mail at or 1.888.813.1992 for job search assistance.

Additional support services and resources can be located at the “Other Resources” section of the main Texas Workforce Commission website at:

Avoid Fraud

The Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) is reminding all unemployment claimants and unemployed workers to practice caution when providing people with personally identifiable information. Unfortunately, in situations such as the one we are experiencing because of COVID-19, there can be unemployment insurance scams and fraudulent phone calls.

Below are some indications that you may be a victim of an attempted scam by someone pretending to be a TWC Specialist:

  • The individual asks for a credit card number.
  • The individual says there is a fee for processing the claim.
  • The individual asks for more than the last four digits of your bank account and routing number.

When you are contacted by a legitimate TWC Specialist they will need to confirm your identity and will ask for your Social Security Number and date of birth. However, a TWC Specialist will never ask for a credit card number or state that there is any kind of fee associated with your claim. There is no fee for filing for UI and a TWC Specialist cannot change banking information, so the full number is unnecessary.  

If a customer has filed an unemployment benefits claim and have been asked to provide identity verification documents, please visit the UI Fraud Submission portal (English), or UI Fraud Submission portal (Spanish) to provide your documentation. 

Additional Identity Theft / Fraud Guidance and Resources

Victims of identity theft are advised to take the following actions:

  • Contact the Police department in the city in which you reside and get an incident report and number. 
  • Contact one of the three credit reporting agencies listed below, and:
    • Ask that a free fraud alert be placed on your credit report.
    • Ask for a free credit report (you only need to contact one of the three agencies because the law requires the agency to call to contact the other two.)
    • If needed, ask to have your credit account frozen.
      • Equifax – 800-349-9960
      • Experian – 888-397-3742
      • TransUnion – 888-909-8872
  • If bank or credit union account was compromised, contact the fraud department of each institution. Report the identity theft and, if needed, ask them to close or freeze the compromised account. 

The following occupations have been identified by Workforce Solutions Texoma as occupations that demonstrate strong regional growth potential and provide the best employment opportunities for local job seekers. These are also occupations the Board targets for training sponsorship based on the type of credential required and length of training needed. Customers who are interested in receiving training in the Texoma Target Occupations are encouraged to complete our Program Screening Application and the WIOA Training Orientation.  

Are you looking for a job Logo need to hire qualified candidates for your business?  Let help you find that perfect job or candidate. 

Job Seekers will find additional information on using to find your perfect job on our Jobs & Careers Page.

Employers will find additional information on using to assist you in finding a perfect candidate for your open positions on our Employer Services page.

Workforce Solutions Texoma is an equal opportunity employer/program.  Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request for individuals with disabilities.  A person with a disability as defined under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has the right to access all services, programs, and activities provided at Workforce Centers. 

In addition, service animals, defined as a dog that has been individually trained to do work or perform tasks as an accommodation for an individual with a disability, are permitted in our workforce centers.

Workforce Solutions Texoma provides a variety of resources for individuals with disabilities. See our section titled Special Assistance for People with Disabilities on our Partner Programs, Special Populations and Resources page for additional information. 

Staff with Texas Workforce Solutions Vocational Rehabilitation Services are housed in our Workforce Centers and may be able to assist people with disabilities in obtaining or retaining employment. 

Contact your nearest Workforce Center for additional information or to speak to a Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist for assistance.