Youth Career Planning

Youth Career Planning

In today’s changing job market, career planning is more important than ever. Your local Workforce Center can help you plan your perfect career with Assessment Tools, Career Exploration Tools, and Labor Market Information. Young people interested in career planning should visit their local Workforce Center for one on one career planning assistance.

Assessment Tools

As the job market changes, it effects the types of jobs available.  Workforce Solutions Texoma offers a number of Assessment Tools to help you identify a career path based on your personal interests and abilities, and the changing job market.

Career Exploration Tools

Making an informed career decision requires knowing how your interests and aptitudes fit with existing and emerging occupations. Career Exploration Tools help you match your interests and aptitudes with the hottest occupations.

Mapping Your Future


Texas Career Check

Labor Market Information

Texas Reality Check

Once you have compared your interests and abilities to emerging and existing occupations, Labor Market Information will help you finalize your career decisions. Labor Market Information also allows you to research salaries and job market trends in a particular area.