Business Services Unit

Workforce Solutions Texoma’s Business Services Unit provides a variety of services to business customers including job orders, job-matching, screening, recruiting, labor market information, and business resource rooms.

Job Orders: Employers provide Workforce Solutions with job postings for positions they have open. Employers may also enter their postings directly through

Job Matching: Workforce Solutions matches those openings to job seekers who have registered in

Screening: Workforce Solutions can assess and compare job seekers to employer’s specifications in order to ensure a better probability of a successful match. Workforce Solutions can customize assessments to meet the needs of employers to ensure the greatest possibility of successful matches with the fewest interviews.

Recruiting: Workforce Solutions can assist employers with finding suitable job seekers through job development and job fairs.

Labor Market Information: Workforce Solutions can provide this information through the website or locally to keep local employers apprised of trends in employment, including salary, benefits, etc.

The Business Resource Room: This room is an extended office for employers who need access to a telephone, fax or internet. Business Resource Rooms are located in each Workforce Center. Each room is stocked with brochures regarding labor laws, tax credits and unemployment insurance information.

Business Interview Rooms: These rooms allow employers to conduct their interviewing process off-site, and provide professional reception services.   Business Interview Rooms are located in each Workforce Center.

Workforce Solutions Texoma will assign a Business Services Broker who will work with the employer to identify and deliver the services necessary to meet the need.

TWC‘s Office of the Commissioner Representing Employers produces a handy reference book entitled Especially for Texas Employers to provide information on important workplace issues. The content includes chapters on: the basic legal issues relevant to hiring, pay and policy, work separation, post-employment problems, and employment law-related websites.

For more information about the Business Services Unit, e-mail Terrence Steele, or call (903) 957-7408.