Youth Training

After you have completed high school, or your GED, you may want to consider additional training, and Workforce Solutions Texoma may be able to help. Workforce Solutions Texoma provides job-placement assistance at the completion of training.

Identifying Training that Is Right for You

There are many factors involved in identifying your best training match. One of the most important factors is your interest in a particular job. Workforce Solutions’ professional staff can help you identify your preferred interests, suggest matching jobs, then help you find the training program that best fits your needs.

Helping Pay for Training

If you meet certain income eligibility guidelines, Workforce Solutions Texoma may be able to help pay for tuition, books, and other training related costs for up to two years. Visit your local Workforce Center to see if you qualify. Other financial aid information:

Pell Grant (Free Application for Federal Student Aid – FAFSA)
Texas Tomorrow Fund
Target Occupations

There are a number of occupations available, but making the right choice means selecting a career with expanding job opportunities and good wages. Workforce Solutions Texoma keeps up with the hottest careers and can provide Labor Market Information to help you make your career choice. However, Federal legislation will only allow Workforce Solutions Texoma to provide training assistance in these targeted fields.