Layoff and Business Closures

You can count on Workforce Solutions Texoma to always be there for you when business is booming.  If things slow down, Workforce Solutions Texoma will be there for you and your employees as well.

Workforce Solutions Texoma is your source for a number of services you have already paid for to help ease the transition for you and your affected workers.

All layoff and business closure services provided by Workforce Solutions Texoma are confidential!

Rapid Response

When you contact Workforce Solutions Texoma about a layoff or closure,  the Business Services Unit quickly swing into action. Members of the Workforce Solutions Texoma Business Services Unit will meet with officials from your company and explain services and benefits available to your affected workers.

Early notice is the most important factor in a successful Rapid Response event. The more time Workforce Solutions Texoma has to prepare, the better the services provided to your affected employees will be.

Mass Unemployment Insurance Claims Filing

Unemployment Insurance Claims are one of the by-products of a layoff event. Mass Claims Filing can reduce the amount of stress for both you and your affected employees. The Mass Claims Filing process allows you to provide most of the necessary information for these claims by completing and e-mailing the information in an Excel spreadsheet.

The process is very simple and reduces your paperwork by allowing you to respond after the event on one spreadsheet, rather than responding to individual letters for each employee affected. Using the Mass Claims Filing process does not take away your rights to challenge claims, it simply streamlines the process. If you provide the names of all your employees in advance of the event, and then terminate employees for cause or employees quit prior to the event, you simply note that information on the spreadsheet after the event.

Mass Claims Filing also helps your affected workers because the information you provide opens a shell claim for them. In the event they qualify for Unemployment Insurance, they simply call a 1-800 number and supply a small amount of information. This will activate their claim. If the employees do not call, their claim is not activated.

Employee Orientations

In order to ensure your affected employees receive all necessary assistance to transition to their next job, the Workforce Solutions Texoma Business Services Unit provides employee orientations. During these orientation sessions, affected employees receive information about filing for Unemployment Insurance, job search services provided by the Workforce Centers, and the possibility of receiving training to enhance their employability.

Whenever possible, Workforce Solutions Texoma prefers to offer these orientation sessions on company premises, on the clock. This guarantees greater participation, and will result in faster reemployment.

Outplacement Services

When you experience a layoff event, there are a number of services that ease the transition of your affected workers into their next job. Resume’ Assistance, Job-Search Assistance, and Interviewing Skills Training are a few of the services Workforce Solutions Texoma can provide for all your employees, at no additional cost to you.


Workforce Solutions Texoma offers a wide range of seminars to help affected employees cope with being laid off, and finding a new job. Seminars are provided by professionals, and range from Resume’ Tips and Interviewing Tips, to Stress Management and Living on Less Money.

Vocational Training

The Workforce Investment Act provides training assistance for employees who have lost their job through no fault of their own. Workforce Solutions Texoma’s professional Career Specialists work with your affected employees to determine if training is necessary. If affected workers need training, Workforce Solutions Texoma will help your employees select an appropriate training program and may pay for that training for up to two years.

For assistance with layoff and business closures e-mail Terrence Steele, or call (903) 957-7408.