Hiring People With Disabilities

Hiring the right employee means hiring the person with the right skills, and the person who will work well with the team.  With a diverse talent pool to choose from, it’s important to carefully consider every prospective employee based on these two essential criteria.  In working through the hiring process, these two criteria may point directly to a person with a disability.

In addition to skills, there are a lot of good reasons to hire a person with a disability, including their ability to adapt to situations, their problem solving skills, and their sensitivity to diversity.

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP); the National Technical Assistance, Policy, and Research Center for Employers on Employment of People with Disabilities; and Cornell University have developed a comprehensive website called AskEARN.org.  This website contains numerous “Resources to Help Employers Hire and Retain People with Disabilities”.

The Job Accommodation Network (JAN)  JAN is a free service of ODEP that provides productivity tools and strategies for hiring, accommodating, and retaining employees with disabilities.

Following is a collection of additional information designed to answer questions about employing people with disabilities, and help companies recruit and hire people with disabilities.

Financial Incentives

There are a number of financial reasons companies should consider hiring a person with a disability including tax benefits.

Business Case for Hiring People with Disabilities

Diverse Perspectives: People with Disabilities Fulfilling Your Business Goals

Employer Tax Incentives

State of Texas Work Opportunity Tax Credit

Hiring Authorities for Federal Employers 

Advertisement, Application, and Interviewing Tips

It is important to make sure hiring processes are accessible, and allow access by people with disabilities.  Following are several resources to help ensure your process is accessible.

USDOL Publication:  Opening Doors to All Candidates: Tips for Ensuring Access for Applicants with Disabilities 

Employers’ Guide to Reasonable Accommodations for Job Advertisements and Applications

Making the Online Application Process Accessible

Tips for Designing Accessible Web Pages

Focus on Ability: Interviewing Applicants with Disabilities

The Employer’s Guide to Reasonable Accommodations for Interviews

Disability Etiquette Tips for Interviews and Speaking Engagements 

Interviewing Resources for Employers

Accommodations for Your Employees

Often, companies are unsure exactly what they need to do in order to make sure their workplace, policies, and job duties are set up to give people with disabilities a chance to succeed.  The following resources are designed to help companies do just that.

Job Accommodation Network (JAN) – List of Publications

Searchable Online Accommodation Resource (SOAR)

Employer’s Practical Guide to Reasonable Accommodation

Office of Disability Employment Policy

Investing in People: Job Accommodation Situations and Solutions

Welcoming Returning Wounded & Injured Military Veterans